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studio legale ricci avvocati

The firm

studio ricci avvocati

The firm has been set up with the idea of combining the experience acquired throughout thirty years of professional activity in distinguished and renowned law firms, with the aim of providing tailored judicial assistance and legal consultancy services, in order to meet the requests and the necessities of a deeply renewed and constantly changing society.

The experience matured over the years in professional associations, the daily confrontation with colleagues of proven capacity and the management of disputes and of extraordinary transactions on behalf of Italian and foreign Clients, as well the direct contact with different corporation issues, were indeed essential to refine our consulting expertise, which we can now offer to the Clients of the firm.

studio ricci avvocati

Therefore, the significant know-how gained over the years by the members of the firm, so as the professional commitment, on the one side, as well as the efforts aimed at a thorough understanding of the Client’s needs on the other, represent the mission of this new firm, that has the due competences in order to provide advice and assistance, both in transactional and litigation matters, in the areas of civil and business law.

Expertise, dynamism, flexibility and correctness are the guiding principles which enable the lawyers of the firm to resolve the legal issues of individuals and enterprises, in order to provide Clients with assistance and appropriate solutions. The lawyers of the firm, indeed, are highly specialized in various areas of civil and commercial law, in particular with reference to enterprises and contracts, insolvency and intellectual property.

studio ricci avvocati

Moreover, thanks to the skills acquired during experiences as General Counsel and Internal Lawyer of leading companies, the lawyers of the firm are able to assist their Clients in the resolution of legal problems with a pragmatic and effective approach. In this context, we deal with the training of internal legal departments of companies, so as with the proposal of "legal housekeeping", which is intended to meet the need of small and medium size enterprises to have a lawyer periodically available in their offices for the resolution of legal issues related to ordinary administration.

According to our understanding of the legal profession, the main goal of the law firm is that of being an effective and valid support for every person, entity or company, who has to deal with legal issues that may arise from everyday life of from corporate management.

Areas of practice

Diritto civile

Civil and corporate law

The firm assists private individuals and companies, both Italian and foreign, in complex civil and commercial disputes. In particular, the firm offers legal advice on matters relating to capital transactions, to the choice of the most appropriate corporate structure, as well as to the legal aspects of the ordinary corporate administration and also to the issues relating to corporate governance. Thanks to the significant expertise acquired by its members, the law firm is able to provide assistance to Clients in the identification and execution of sophisticated corporate transactions of extraordinary nature such as the rent and transfer of business as well as the sale of equity investments, joint ventures, strategic alliances and spin offs.


Civil litigation and commercial disputes. Arbitrations

Over the decades, our lawyers have developed considerable experience in corporate litigation, labor law disputes and arbitration (acting either as counsel to the parties or as arbitrator), as well as a great ability of analysis of the prospects for the outcome of the dispute, with an efficient negotiating management of the dispute.

Diritto industriale


In this context, the firm provides its assistance for the drafting and negotiation of trade agreements (as for example: contracts, agency, administration, distribution, franchising, licensing) in various sectors, including energy, automotive, real estate, by supporting the Client in the post-negotiation phase as well, for the solution of issues relating to the interpretation and implementation of contracts. The professional activity ranges from consultancy on specific provisions of the contract, to the assistance in domestic and international strategic business operations.

Procedure concorsuali

Insolvency proceedings and restructuring

Thanks to the wide experience matured over the years by its lawyers, the firm has a significant know-how in bankruptcy law and in insolvency proceedings. More precisely, the firm deals with issues related to corporate crisis and the reorganization of companies, so as with settlement agreements and debt restructuring operations, specifically for the management of critical suppliers and dealers, and it also provides assistance in liability and claw back lawsuits.


Industrial and intellectual property law

The firm offers advice and assistance in matters of industrial law and intellectual property (IP). The firm also provides assistance, both judicial and out of court, in complementary aspects such as unfair trade practices, unfair comparative and denigrating advertising, as well as transfer of employees.

Diritto del lavoro

Labour law

The firm provides assistance in matters of labor law, both from an individual and a collective perspective, also with reference to agency and commercial representation relationships. The firm also advises companies on employment law issues, related either to extraordinary operations, such as restructuring and corporate reorganization, or to the management of business crisis. Moreover, the firm, with the collaboration of professional employment consultants, offers legal advice, also concerning aspects of trade unions, with specific reference to the transfer of business operations, so as to the temporary redundancy fund procedures "Cassa Integrazione", the processing of layoffs, collective dismissals, redundancy procedures and solidarity contracts.

Diritto tributario

Taxation law

The firm also proposes legal advice and assistance in tax matters, with particular regard to mediation and fiscal disputes, with the aim of fully safeguarding the taxpayer’s right of defense and the proper enforcement of the principles established by the relevant Statute.


Giuseppe RicciAvv. Giuseppe M. Ricci

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Andrea AlloatiAvv. Andrea Alloati

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studio ricci avvocati

The firm periodically examines the résumés of young colleagues and of law graduates who have the appropriate skills and are willing to share the principles of our law firm. Those interested in collaborations and/or in internships may send their CV, together with the list of exams taken at the Faculty of Law, to the following e-mail address:



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Tel +39 011 5621363

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